Stage Play: ‘Apology From One Sista’ To Another


Written by Shywanee L. Manson
Based on a novel by Shywanee L. Manson

Apology From One Sista To Another is a prime example of an inspiring story that will certainly capture its audience’s attention.

The story chronicles the life of Rita Leone (LaKisha Hillard), Issues who has just about everything a woman wants: a nice home, nice clothing, a successful business, and great friends. But behind closed doors is another matter. Rita desperately wants a relationship. Due to her busy schedule and not having time to meet men face-to-face, Rita decides to join an online dating service. Will she find the man of her dreams on the internet? Or will he turn out to be a living nightmare?

Sophie Scott-Roberts (Ajay Milan), a woman with a dark past, had the perfect marriage until she caught her husband cheating with another woman. Now, a bitter divorcee, Sophie goes from mad to revengeful. Just what are these dark secrets of Sophie’s past? Will they resurface? How will Sophie get her revenge? You’ll just have to find out. But when they are revealed, the audience will have to reevaluate their relationships with each other, their lovers and themselves.

Brian Nelson (Richard Gallion, Ebony/Jet), a sexy and charming young man, is on a mission. Wanting to become an entrepreneur by any means necessary is his first priority. Will love get in his way? Or will finding love be the solution to all of his problems?

Finally, Charles (Ryan Gentles, Madea Goes to Jail) has a secret crush on his boss, but there is an obstacle in his way – her new boyfriend. Will Charles sit on the sidelines and watch the love of his life make the wrong decision? Or will he fight for what he believes in – true love.

This inspirational stage play will be sure to touch women and men on a personal level and will be sure to connect with attendees and spark dialogue about sisterhood, male/female relationships, domestic violence, betrayal, addiction, self-esteem, and finding the true love of God.

The cast of “Apology From One Sista’ To Another” includes performers and new faces making their acting/singing debuts. Featured in the role of Charles, is Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail and What’s Done in the Dark, Ryan Gentles, Ebony/Jet Magazine Model, Richard Gallion, as Brian, LaKisha Hillard, as Rita Leone, Comedian PK, as Johnson/Tyrone, and Ajay Malan, as Sophie. Other performers included are veteran singers, Tashika Benson, as Jackie, Fred Dubose, as Pastor Washington, Tiffany Gatlin, as the Pastor’s Wife, Todd Rasean, as Sidney and TeHila Robinson, as Paulette.

Apology From One Sista’ To Another” takes a look at the unintelligent decisions women sometimes make when making relationship decisions, and will help to journey audience through Relationships, Faith and Spiritual Deliverance.

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