Childhood can be rough and Shantell Johnson’s early days proved it. Growing up in the environment in which she lived and tried so hard to forget, Shantell becomes dependent on medication as he
r sole remedy to halt those unpleasant memories of abandonment, abuse and imprisonment.

Now years have passed and life has been fairly decent for Mrs. Johnson who is now a wife and account executive. However, when her husband discovers the truth of her past, she is forced to revisit olden times and the one promise she made to herself – to NEVER go back – still stands. Nothing will stop her from living the life she feels she deserves, not even murder!

High school sweethearts, Aaron and Josephine Stovall have now been married for over 20 years. Aaron, a recent graduate of law school is now an attorney for one of the biggest firms in the city and although his wife supported him every step of the way, Aaron fears his love for his wife is fading. He now desires something or someone more ‘on his level’.

Josephine recognizes that her husband’s devotion is now slipping away and worries that he will abandon her and their dream of a better life – together. She must now decide if she wants to fight for her marriage or develop a plan for the security of her future – alone. She chooses the latter.

When Josephine meets Shantell and Shantell meets Aaron, the plot begins, and poor Nicole Lynn, a single mother smitten with the unhappily married man, gets caught in the middle of the shocking conspiracy…

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