Stage Play: ‘My Sista’, I’m Sorry

SYNOPSIS: “My Sista’, I’m Sorry!” is a story of a doctor, Parris Bates, M.D. (Jamelia Amor), who decides that she needs an escape from the every day life of all work and no play. Dr. Bates is newly divorced, not by choice, and decides that after she has cried enough tears concerning her ex-husband’s abandonment, she will pick up the pieces and take a trip to Negril, Jamaica with her closest friends where she can escape into a world of freedom and fantasies. Will she find love on the beautiful island? Or will she let loose and get her groove back, if only for a few days?Dr. Kevin Goodman (Eric Lane – R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet, One Week and Soul Food, the series) is not only Dr. Bates’ co-worker, but he is also a dear friend. Dr. Goodman, however, does not want to fall into the “friend” category. Being the listening ear during Dr. Bates’ divorce drama, he realizes that Dr. Bates is missing one thing in her life – A GOOD MAN. Will he finally reveal his true feelings for Dr. Bates? Or will he let nature take its course and await patiently for the love of his life?Dexter Show (Keith King), a tall, dark and handsome gentleman, has always been the lady’s man; however, from time to time, Mr. Show likes to step out of bounds to fulfill his other hidden secret pleasures. Guilt eats at him as he continues to live on the dark side, thanks to his P.I.C. (Partner in Crime), Nathan, who has the power to pull the plug and end his world at any given time. Will Dexter’s skeletons be revealed? Will he finally step up to Nathan to end the shenanigans?Nathan Lowell (Eugene Parker) is on the rampage to destroy as many lives as possible, including Dexter Show’s and any woman who connects with either of them. However, his appearance, charm and good looks would have you to assume the opposite. What is this animosity that Nathan has against women? Against Dexter? Against life? Will he learn to forgive and move on, or will he continue to be the virile villain and stay on the path to premeditated destruction?Dr. Bates and her hilarious childhood friends, Rudy Eisenhower (Corey Bailey) and Ciara Johnson (Toya Turner) arrive in Jamaica and immediately fall in love with the Jamaican resort. In awe of her surroundings, Dr. Bates also notices all of the handsome men on the island, including Dexter and Nathan, and realize that she will have a good time after all. Returning home, she is very much satisfied with her wild and free vacation because what happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica, right?Wrong!!!!!!“My Sista’, I’m Sorry!” is a tale of a tale of love, lies, revenge and healing.

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