Jelaine Bell  Very good play.  I laughed throughout…Good job!!  Morning Bird!!

Nicole Rucker  This play was great. Funny. Great music. Mature crowd. I had a good time. Looking forward to the next one.

Dee Armstrong  Love it!!

Sharece FormerlySpivey Rouse  I truly enjoyed myself!  Great job!!!

Kellie Kp Petty  I really enjoyed myself!!! Thanks, Chuck True!!! I laughed & related 🙂 Everyone did a great job! Congrats!

Altoine Barker  Just as I had thought and expected. You have exceeded all my expectations! …and they were already high! I truly enjoyed myself. Everything from the writing to the lighting was of note and significance. Well done! I look forward to seeing more and future productions!

Tacarra Durr  EXCEPTIONAL!!! This was amazing!!! Beautiful script, beautiful people, under great direction! Shywanee Manson this is more than a calling for you, this what you were destined to do!!! Continued blessings and success!! I look forward to visiting ShyFox Studios!!!! Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Joy Fox  The play was beyond amazing!!!! I really enjoyed myself. Love you!!

Adam Jackson  That was one of the best plays I had ever seen! SHYWANEE MANSON IS “BRILLIANT” And I believe one of chicago’s game changers! Much more continued success!

Vanita Allen Rockford  Some good sanging going on and I need another white German chocolate cake!!!

Dean Cantave  The play was good! Xavia Fox and the rest of the cast did a fantastic job!

Agin Muhammad Congratulations, that was a great production. I wish you continued success

Scoota Keys:  The production was EXCELLENT!! Thanx for having me..

Louie Jones:  This past week, I had to opportunity to photograph rehearsals and the play, “My Brotha, I Apologize” by Chicago playwright, Shywanee Manson. This was an amazing production from an equally amazing producer. To top it all off, I got to hang out with some phenomenal talent. Thanks Shywanee..the national stage awaits.

Jasmine Delaney:  Congrats Ma’ma on the play. :-))

Lawrence Lee Wallace:  Congrats to the cast, crew and of course the writer/producer of the stage play “My brotha, I apologize” Great show, keep making it happen!!

Clay Wilky:  Wow! Shywanee, the play was amazing well written and directed.

Tressa Epps:  So GLAD that I was able to here to see your production! Enjoyed! Bravo! Congratulations to the cast and crew!

David StylesbyDave:  Excellent Play last nite 🙂 YOU ARE COVERED !!!!!!!!!!! See you at the next one

Angela D. Betts:  I really enjoyed the play lastnite, The setup was nice, the cast was gud and you had a nice turn out!!! I’m very proud of you girl, keep up the gud work and keep me posted on the next one!!!!

Pamela Howard-Calimee:  I want to Thank you Shywanee and your Awesome cast members. I enjoyed every bit of the play from the acting to the wonderful singing. That “Terron Brooks” know he can sing, will be looking out for that brother. “Damon Williams” was super funny, my friend and I had such a wonderful time. I pray that you and “Messiah Equiano” continue to write and produce more wonderful plays and I assure you I will be in the house…God Bless!! Kimberly Fox:  A HUGE S/O to my big Sis for putting on an awesome production tonight! You guys did a great job! It was definitely worth the drive! I love you! And see you when I come back:-) 
Shoya Bowman:  My boo doesn’t believe that I went to a Stage Play last night, my phone went dead halfway through it and I forgot my program in my seat. Help me out here, if you seen me last night let him know. 🙂 *****actually he believes me but there was a time that if I heard this same excuse I wouldn’t have believed my mate. Got Trust? If not, you better get it especially if you want your relationship to work. Good Sunday Morning FB. Good Job Shywanee Manson – “My Brotha, I Apologize,” a stage play.
Stacy Coutee:  Loving the play, My Brotha’, I Apologize! ( ****) Very funny and entertaining! Great Job Syhywanee!
Virgil Griffin:  The play was excellent!
Grady Miller:  I am so proud, the show was awesome!!! my people told me to tell you they loved it too!
Chuck:  Thank you for a great nite…love ya
Kamal Angelo Bolden:  The show cracked tonight!  You should be proud.  It was an amazing experience on stage.  Everybody killed it
Dad:  I am so very proud of you.  Thank you very much for including me in your life.  We had a terrific time tonight and will always treasure the memories.  You make me feel like the luckiest dad on the planet.
Joy Fox:  Your play was beyond amazing.  You are so talented.  I am going to spread the word on the east coast for you!!!!!


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